Behavioral Health Services

If you need care for mental health or alcohol and drug use, you will get care through Magellan Health Services.

Behavioral health care does not need approval from your primary care physician (PCP), but you do have to see a Magellan provider. You also may want to talk to your PCP about the problem.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers mental health rehabilitation services and targeted case management to STAR members. If you are an adult who has a mental illness or if you have a child with emotional needs, this benefit can help you or your child to learn how to be your best. Magellan Health Services can help you with:

  • Managing your medicine to reduce your symptoms or so that you can be more independent
  • Training to help you talk to your family, friends and teachers about how you can work together to control your symptoms
  • Dealing with a mental or emotional crisis

If you have behavioral health problems, call Magellan toll-free at 1-800-327-7390. Members with hearing or speech loss may call the Magellan TTY line at 1-800-735-2988.

Emergency and Crisis Support

In addition, Magellan offers emergency and crisis support. If, at any time, you think you or your child is having a mental health emergency, call Magellan. You may call at any time of day or night, and on any day of the week. You will be able to talk to a mental health professional.

To learn more about behavioral health services, see the STAR Member Handbook.

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